Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Should Have Nailed That 5th W

Docs Remove 119 Nails From Woman's Stomach
By The Associated Pressposted: 01 July 200611:15 am ET

HANOI, Vietnam (AP)—Physicians removed 119 nails—many of them rusty—from a woman's stomach months after she apparently swallowed them, a doctor said.
The 43-year-old woman arrived Wednesday at Hospital No. 121 in the southern city of Can Tho City, complaining of a severe stomachache, Dr. Tran Van Nam said Friday.
"After having her stomach X-rayed and scanned, we found a stack of strange objects and decided to operate as soon as possible,'' he said.
During surgery, doctors removed 119 nails, each about 3 inches long. Many were rusty, indicating they could have been in her stomach for months, Nam said.
The woman's stomach was scratched by the nails, but she did not suffer any major injuries, he said.
"Her life is not at risk now, and she is recovering,'' Nam said, adding that the patient was expected to be discharged soon.

I remember in school we learned the importance of Who, What, Where, When & "WHY" when reporting a story. This newspaper reporter must have been absent the last day of class.

Was she trying to add a little iron to her diet?
Did she loose a bet?
Is the hardware store her favorite restaurant?
Was she going for 121 nails to try and match the name of the local hospital?
Was she getting ready to get hammered? (Sorry about that one)
Is she just plain nuts?

If no one knows why she swallowed the nails just say so! Also the reporter writes that “she apparently swallowed them”
I was trying to figure out how else they could have ended up in her stomach?


mamacita said...

Blogball, I entirely agree with you about the inadequacy of the reporting. It was very unsatisfying. The is a disease that some people have (not inadequate reporting, but swallowing things). It's a compulsive thing where they swallow anything. I have a friend who had a roomate who was always sneaking things to gobble up and they were always operationg to get the stuff out of her stomach. One time on the gurney coming out of recovery she grabbed a pencil out of the orderly's pocket and downed it. Wow! (hope it was soft lead- just kidding) Good post!

unca said...

Finally, we know the end to this song:
"...she swallowed the fly to catch the nails, her stomach's impaled from eating the nails, it never fails."