Thursday, January 17, 2008


I just read about this lady recently but I guess she has been around for awhile.
Her name is Jocelyne Wildenstein. You can read about her sad story
Believe it or not the 2nd picture is the after picture from almost 4 million dollars of plastic surgery. What amazes me is that she was an attractive woman to start with. I’m not totally against plastic surgery but I guess it’s like everything else. One needs to know when enough is enough. (And the same goes for the doctors performing the surgery) I’m sure we have all seen example of famous people where they actually look better before than after.

So I was thinking.. wow I’m sure glad plastic surgery wasn’t as popular in the past as it is now.

Then I thought.. hey I wonder what some of the famous people from the past would look like with a little nip & tuck.
So here are a few No Agenda Zone examples.

NOTE: The last subject was the most difficult because of her unsightly cracks.