Friday, September 21, 2007

The Royal Flush

Minneapolis Airport Men's Room New Tourist Attraction

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - "Where's the bathroom?" That's the question travelers at the Minneapolis airport are asking. Since U.S. Senator Larry Craig of Idaho was arrested in a sex sting, the bathroom has become a tourist attraction. Airport information specialist Karen Evans says some people are even taking pictures of the infamous bathroom. Craig was arrested June 11th by a Minneapolis airport police officer. The Republican pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct but is trying to withdraw that plea. Many airport workers say they get the question daily, and they watch as people stop by to take pictures. They say the bathroom is by the Lottery shop, next to Royal Zino Shoeshine.

When I saw this article I thought to myself what could be more ridicules.
Then I thought what’s next a brochure to promote this bathroom?
Then I thought hey that might be a fun thing to design.
So I came up with this first brochure daft to promote the Larry Craig Bathroom.
My apologies to the Senator. For details click again

Thursday, September 06, 2007

This Airline Can Really Get Your Goat

Goats sacrificed to 'fix' airlines plane troubles
Wed Sep 5, 2007 6:01pm AEST
Nepal Airlines has acknowledged that it sacrificed two goats to appease a Hindu god following a spate of technical problems with one of its aircraft.
The goats were slaughtered in front of the Boeing 757 at Kathmandu airport.
The persistent faults have not been specified but they had led to the postponement of a number of flights. An airline official says after the ceremony, the plane successfully took off to Hong Kong.
"The snag in the plane has now been fixed and the aircraft has resumed its flights," said Raju KC, a senior airline official, without explaining what the problem had been.
Local media last week blamed the company's woes on an electrical fault.
It is common in Nepal to sacrifice animals like goats and buffaloes to appease different Hindu deities.
- BBC/Reuters