Thursday, December 28, 2006

Eagle Eyed Fox

As a guy that has always been interested in photography I have always liked action shots.
I think this is one of the better ones I have seen in a while. It’s a golden eagle taking a fox away from a partially eaten carcass.

NOTE: This photo was not altered in any way. I found this on under the “True” status. By the way Snopes is a great site to find out if suspicious photos or stories flying around on the Internet are true or not.

Here is an example of a “False” status from

Snowball the mutant cat

OK you probably had a feeling there would be just one more picture.
This fell into the “undetermined ”status contributed by the No Agenda Zone.

Saddam is discovered to have two ears on same side of his head
& six fingers on right hand.

PS I hope everyone has a happy and safe 2007.

“I can’t understand how that tape could just disappear like that”

This holiday season reminded me of one of the true mysteries of my life:

I can be sitting on the floor involved in putting something together or wrapping presents and I continue to misplace stuff like tools, scissors, glue, pen, tape, parts I just had in my hand etc.


I sometimes have to get up and get another screwdriver, pair of scissors or whatever I misplaced to finish the job.

I know it’s not gremlins and it’s probably my organizational skills combined with maybe a relatively short attention span combined with my… well I could go on but I will leave it there. Anyway lately I have been bringing two of each item needed before I sit down.
This seems to do the trick.

Monday, December 18, 2006

No wonder I’m having trouble with Beta

December 18, 2006

MAN TAKES POSITION AT BLOGGER CLAIMS HE MISREAD JOB TITLE New Employee overheard saying “I knew it sounded too good to be true”

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sceam Thoughts

I was wondering why Google is making a big deal out of Edvard Munch’s birthday on their home page? (the guy who painted “The Scream”)

Then I thought to myself hey that scream painting kind of reminds me of that Home Alone picture. So I decided to compare the two.

Then I was wondering if anybody else saw this similarity and sure enough there was a mention of it in Wikipedia.

Reproductions of this mask are now very popular and common masks in the real world. Child actor Macaulay Culkin's pose in front of the mirror, in Home Alone by Chris Columbus appears to be a homage to the work.

Then I decided to put this exciting thought process I just had on my blog site and share it with everybody lucky enough to see it.