Thursday, November 10, 2005


Between 25% to 33% of the population sneeze when they are exposed to light

I was surprised this percentage was so high. When I walk out into the sunlight I many times sneeze. If there is someone with me I will ask if this also happens to him or her. Most of the time they look at me like I’m nuts.
For those who have not experienced a light activated sneeze you don’t know what you are missing. They feel great!

Monday, November 07, 2005


California votes on several Propositions on Tuesday.

Proposition 73 Amends California Constitution, defining and prohibiting abortion for unemancipated minor until 48 hours after physician notifies minor's parent/guardian, except in medical emergency or with parental waiver. Mandates reporting requirements. Authorizes monetary damages against physicians for violation..

A YES vote on this measure means:
The California Constitution would be changed to require that a physician notify, with certain exceptions, a parent or legal guardian of a pregnant minor at least 48 hours before performing an abortion.
A NO vote on this measure means:
Minors would continue to receive abortion services to the same extent as adults. Physicians performing abortions for minors would not be subject to notification requirements.

For crying out loud if my daughter fails a quiz or a test she has to have it sighed by my wife or me. Is it too much to ask a doctor to call a parent or guardian before he or she performs an abortion on a minor?

I try not to get too political on the No Agenda Zone but good grief.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Theory of Relativity

Daughter: (After acting fresh) “Dad, mom says she’s going to throw all my Halloween candy away!!”
Me: “Well if you just be good I don’t think she will do that”
Daughter: “Dad, come on… I have known mom a lot longer than you have”
I laughed when she said that but then I thought to myself… Hey my daughter is right she has known my wife all of her life. (A lot longer than I have)

P.S. I was right she didn’t throw away the candy.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Blogball One Breath Blog (2nd in a series)

The following blog is one sentence and must be read in one breath:

During sporting events I always like to listen to the Star Spangled Banner and wait for that big moment when they get to “land of the free” and wonder if they will sing the last part of the word “free” 20,000 octaves higher and then I take notice to how much applause this person will get during that pause before they finish the rest of the song.