Friday, November 04, 2005

Theory of Relativity

Daughter: (After acting fresh) “Dad, mom says she’s going to throw all my Halloween candy away!!”
Me: “Well if you just be good I don’t think she will do that”
Daughter: “Dad, come on… I have known mom a lot longer than you have”
I laughed when she said that but then I thought to myself… Hey my daughter is right she has known my wife all of her life. (A lot longer than I have)

P.S. I was right she didn’t throw away the candy.


unca said...

That's hilarious and (as you say) actually true from a percentage standpoint. This kind of threat reminds me of some my mother used to make: "OK, I'm going to spank you right here in front of all of these people." -- never happened, never would.

bryan torre said...

Dang. I just realized I missed the pun about relativity. Duh.