Thursday, August 24, 2006


I don’t usually buy the cat food but the other day we ran out so I had to run to the store to get some for our two cats. I couldn’t believe all the choices.
The list I put together below represents just a fraction of what’s out there.
Now to get the full effect you have to think about all the starving people all over the world.

Iams Less Active/Weight Control Formula
For lazy cats that just lay around. Like 99.9% of them

Iams Weight Control & Hairball Care
Wow you can kill two birds with one stone. “Grate deal!”

Iams Active Maturity (Senior) Hairball Care
For older cats that actually move (Probably to the litter box and back to the bed) with that hairball bonus built in.

Iams Active Maturity Formula
Exactly the same as the one above. We just don’t mention the hairball thing.

Iams Kitten Formula
Same as adult formula only all crunched up

Purina® Pro Plan® Senior 11+ Cat Indoor Care
For the older professional cat. Formula is way too advanced for the armature cat to understand and appreciate.

Science Diet Sensitive Skin For Adult Cats
For snobby cats that don’t like to be pet.

Science Diet Sensitive Stomach for Adult Cats
For cats that puke all over the place. Lots of fiber has been added to hopefully make it come out the other end.

Royal Canin® Intense Hairball
We are not talking your every day run of the mill hairballs here.

Royal Canin® Oral Sensitive 30™ Cat Food
For cats that don’t like to be talked to.


unca said...

As a one-time (and one time only) cat owner, I find this fascinating and hillarious (and kind of sad). My favorite is definitly the intense hairball thing.

si said...

as the former owner of 2 cats (would still like to be one but since i'm extremely allergic to them, i've given up ownership), these foods are so hilarious and true! i kinda like the sensitive skin & oral types (especially with your additional explanations).

i also noticed the sensitive stomach from science diet. one of my cats, as a kitten, was very allergic to science diet, stomach-wise. at the time, science diet was THE cat food. how could my cat be allergic to the leading brand? after a very large vet bill*, it was decided that she needed another brand which never really stopped her from throwing up her food (sorry about this comment!).

* i got her as a kitten for $5. within the first 2 weeks, i spent about $300 at the vet...