Friday, December 23, 2005

The Tortoise And The Camel

I just turned 50 years old the other day. By the way thank you for the bd wishes si & Bryan. As I sat contemplating the age 50 and I was wondering how many living animals besides humans live this long. I knew about some birds and turtles living a long time but I was interested to see how many other living creatures get to live to my age so I looked it up.

As you see by the information below I would still be a young buck if I were a tortoise. On the other hand I would be ready to kick the bucket if I happened to be a camel.

The only thing this post proves is that people think about the dumbest things when they turn 50.

Cats and cetaceans (whales and dolphins) have lifespans in the 20-30 year range.
Large herbivores (cattle, horses, camels, deer) in the 30-50 year range.
Birds usually live 10-30 years, with parrots - particularly macaws - the notable exception, with lifespans ranging from 40-80 years.
Elephants have lifespans of 50-80 years. Blue Whales can live from 40 to 80 years.
Dogs live up to 25 years.
Tortoise’s live up to 150 years.


unca said...

Yeah, but:

1997; King's Holly (Lomatia tasmanica) - found in the rainforests of Tasmania. Scientists estimated the age of the plant using a nearby fossil of an identical plant. It was found to be over 43,000 years old! The plants appear to be sterile - incapable of producing flowers and viable seeds. Lomatia is triploid, that is, it has three sets of chromosomes instead of two. Because of this it is unable to sexually reproduce. The clonal thickets reproduce vegetatively by root suckering. Fossil leaves found in a late Pleistocene deposit may be genetically identical to present-day plants. The plant is a rare freak of nature whose origins and age are as yet unknown.

si said...

i don't think that you're living up to your pre-new year's resolution...(about updating your blog). of course, it's easy for a non-blogger to say!

si said...

maybe you can post a "deportation story" -- don't know why i think that you may have one... :-)

perhaps this could kick-start your blogging?? or perhaps not -- no pressure or anything.

unca said...

Ditto to si. I'd like to hear more about that episode.