Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Fun Fact

My Daughter was all exited when I picked her up from School because she found out that nothing rhymes with silver, nothing rhymes with purple and nothing rhymes with orange.I was thinking wow a chip off the old block she must have received my fun fact DNA. So that’s my fun fact for the week.


unca said...

Hey, that's pretty neat. I knew about orange but not silver and purple. Cool.

mamacita said...

This is so funny because yesterday I tried to post a comment but couldn't remember my password and stuff, and my comment was practically word for word the same as Unca's. He must be smart!!!

mamacita said...

Also, I bet your little girl is really smart too. Is she Italian or something?

bryan torre said...

well, you can rhyme them, but it's kind of hard...:

every single orange I knaw
gives me heartburn or angina

An action word sits in the window
Shiny bright and painted silver
I never let the word come in, tho
It's my special window sill ver-

and if roger miller weren't so dead, we could thank him for:

Roses are red, and violets are purple
Sugar is sweet and so's maple surple...

Okay, fine, you're right. No English word rhymes with orange, purple, or silver.

mamacita said...

I just rememmbered that in olde English, the verb "to murder" is not KILL, but rather KILV.
Thus, we can have this verse:

She stole my gold,
She stole my silver.
It made me really
Want to kilv her. (or kilv'er)

So you see, there are always exceptions to these non-rhymers.
Also, Bryan Torres is nutso.

anya ransuns aka Roxy said...

Wow, I didn't know about silver or purple either -- only orange. Why is it that so many colors don't rhyme? Hmmmm.

Erik said...

my only thought here is that i knew about silver, purple and orange, all 3 of them. with ease.

guess where that puts you guys on the intelligence totem pole. very low.