Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I can’t wait to see the Olympics! I mean wait I can’t see the Olympics

Beijing losing battle against Olympic smog
By Clifford Coonan in BeijingTuesday, 29 July 2008
With 10 days to go until the Beijing Olympics opens, the smog simply refuses to lift and the Games organizers are preparing emergency measures to clear the air ahead of the big day.
The traffic on the streets of Beijing is noticeably lighter, and many of the big steelworks and coal-fired power stations have been silenced. But the capital was still enveloped yesterday in a haze that restricted visibility to a couple of hundred yards.
It is still not clear exactly how bad the air has to be for an event to be cancelled, and it is forbidden to bring in measuring equipment for any independent measurement of air quality.
Jacques Rogge, the head of the International Olympic Committee, has warned that poor air quality during the Games could result in the suspension of endurance races such as long-distance cycling and the marathon.


si said...

glad you're back! :-)

unca said...

Great photos. I wonder about events like archery and shooting where the contestants may not be able to see the target!

anya said...

Wow. I would hate to be the Beijing officials in charge of trying to make the smog go away. Also I feel sorry for the athletes...