Friday, May 02, 2008


It seems like every time I look up there is another use for airbags. We started with the basic car airbags then there was the passenger airbags & then side airbags and then recently someone invented a motorcycle jacket airbag.

Then I just ran across this invention. If you hit a pedestrian your bumper senses that you have just hit a human being and an airbag deploys on your hood to protect the guy you just hit.

So I’m thinking I better get on this airbag bandwagon before it passes me by.
So I came up with a couple of ideas of my own. These are hot off the drawing board, patents pending.
We have all heard of taking a bite out of crime now you can take a crime out of a bite. After surgically implanting this special tooth into mans best friend your lawsuit worries are over. This clever little incisor senses human skin only and if more than 10 lbs of pressure is applied Fido has a mouthful of airbag. K9 airbag tooth can be reloaded & used over & over again.
There is nothing worse when you are receiving CPR and have somebody pumping too hard on your chest. Not only do you have to worry about your stopped heart you suffer additional pain with cracked ribs. When50 lbs plus of pressure is applied out pops your rib saving airbag from you CPR glove. Now with CPR glove your ribs can take a sigh of relief.


Erik said...

i think this is a step in the right direction for our country--we're getting safer and more annoying all the time. :-)

unca said...

I think we should put airbags on the presidential contenders -- oh, I guess that would be pretty redundant.