Tuesday, February 05, 2008


South Korean players dislocate shoulders to dodge draft
SEOUL, Feb 4 (Reuters) - Ninety-two current and former South Korean soccer players have been indicted for dodging military service by intentionally dislocating their shoulders to receive medical exemptions, a prosecutor said on Monday.
South Korean men spend up to 24 months in the military as part of mandatory service in the 670,000-strong armed forces, a duty which can hamper the careers of athletes.
The players, including 15 professional K-League players, dislocated their shoulders by methods such as swinging their arms while holding heavy weights or having fellow players jump on their shoulders, the official said.

PITTSBURGH — A high school wrestling coach accused of biting a wrestler in the leg has agreed to resign rather than face possible criminal charges, police said.
Mike Marshall bit the Central Cambria High School wrestler at practice on Jan. 21, Cambria Township police Officer James McGough said.
"The coach was wrestling with him and bit him in the leg, the upper thigh," McGough said.
Marshall's attorney, John D. Messina, said the incident was "completely innocent" and not malicious."The incident occurred while he was joking around with one of the wrestlers," Messina said. "Certainly it was poor judgment and it cost him his job."
Marshall was expected to resign Wednesday, Messina said.


si said...

ha! keep up the genius-level posts! :-)

unca said...

I had to look twice to see the bites out of the wrestlers. Good grief. Nobody could have invented these stories. Regarding the soccer players--there must be an easier way to get out of the draft!

Anonymous said...

Ьщку агт утеукефштьуте акщь ьн икшддшфте oops! I had the Russian alphabet on and forgot. Loved your post- more fun entertainment from my crazy genius brother! (don't try to translate that Amy- it's just the Russian keys for the English words). I have to do "anonymous" because the comment thing won't accept my blog username. Bet you can't guess who I am. Hint: I sometimes ride my bike to Russia and I am big-boned.

blogball said...

Thanks for the comments everybody.

My guess would be mamacita on comment # 3!!

I will try and post more often but I can’t promise they will all be at genius level.
It’s important to have some posts once in a while that normal people can understand.