Monday, August 13, 2007


When I received this citation and photos (above) in the mail I went through these typical series of thoughts & emotions

Thought #1: “This must be a mistake”
Noticed that the photo was the make & color of my car.

Thought # 2: “This must be my wife when she borrowed my car”
Noticed that the date on the citation was the day I took off work to take my daughter to the beach and was driving on the street at the exact time that the citation had noted.

At this point it’s starting to look pretty bleak as far as "THIS CAN’T BE ME"

Thought # 3 "Hey maybe it was another person with a white PT Curser that was traveling on Pacific Coast Highway at the same time and had a license number that was really close to mine and the enforcement people that mail these things out accidentally reversed some numbers and sent the citation to me by mistake"
With all the decks stacked against me and a never say die attitude I went for the last minute pass into the end zone
I went out to my car with citation in hand looked at my license plate and made sure the numbers on the photo matched EXACTLY.
(They did) Game over, the fat lady was singing.

Thought # 4: "What a rip off!! How can they prove from this photo that I didn’t come to a complete stop ?"

At this point I recognized that I was starting to sound like some big cry baby making excuses and not taking responsibility for my actions and to just pay the $100.00 like a man.

Thought # 5 I will just pretend that this $100.00 went for taking my wife out to eat last week when our dinner plans fell through.


jay are said...

I hate when all the cards are stacked wrong...but I'm curious. How DO they tell, just from a photo, that you didn't come to a complete stop??

blogball said...

Well I was still a little perturbed even after I posted this. So I started to go on line and see if others had received this same kind of citation.
It turns out it’s a brand new system that the Recreations and Conservation Authority just started last month. I read some stuff on line of people really mad about the same stop sign. The good news is that it doesn’t count on my driving record.
I guess it’s kind of like getting a ticket from a forest ranger for littering because I was pulling out of a lookout point that was part of the Recreations and Conservation Authority.
I also discovered that there is a web site where you can view a video of the violation incase you want absolute proof. So I put in the appropriate information and there I was in living color. The video did show that I did not come to a complete stop.
I did one of those rolling stops and you can see my break lights go on on the video. I was merging on to Topanga Canyon Blvd which is a very busy street. You can’t really see from where the stop sign is placed if there are any cars coming so it’s natural to do one of those rolling stops to look past some obstructions where the stop sign is. I hope I’m not sounding like a cry baby like I said I wouldn’t do.

Dx said...

Pay up, roadhog! (only joking)

blogball said...

dx, after reading your latest post I was thinking I should be grumpy like you and fight this thing after all.

dom said...

Ha ! Dx Typical Scotsman! Had Senior Management done that to you , ye'd been bleatin' like a stuffed haggis !

ffs how hard are these word verimucation thingys ?

fmuegtxg !!!

bugger I put in 2 g's now try gyhajohq

jay are said...

word verification will get you every time. A true test of scottish authenticity.

sounds like a dumb ticket to me.

Dx said...

I agree Blogball. Fight it all the way. If you need an alibi, give them my name.

blogball said...

Thanks for the comments. Update to follow