Monday, July 23, 2007

Had To Share This

I took my wife & daughter to Santa Monica Pier over the weekend or I guess I should say my wife and daughter took me to Santa Monica pier. Its not my favorite place especially in the middle of summer on a Saturday. It seems the older I get the more I think how nice it would be to be home right now when going to such places.

Anyway as we were strolling down the pier we came across a street performer that was juggling so we thought we would check it out. He twirled some balls on his fingers and balanced a few spinning balls on his chin at the end of a tennis racket. Nothing that spectacular but he had a good personality and even smiled at me when I took his picture.

Then it came time for his big grand finale trick. Apparently he balances a tray of glasses (to the left) filled with blue water on his chin at the end of a tennis racket. He then brought out his bucket and placed it in front of the crowd and announced he was going to attempt his final unbelievable, spectacular trick and asked for some monetary help in doing so. This is pretty typical with street performers now days to bring out the hat right before the big trick. So we put in our customary dollar along with a few other spectators. You could then tell he was disappointed with his take so he kept on appealing to the crowd for a little more love in the way of cash but no one took him up on his pleas Then he did what I have never seen a street performer do. HE DID NOT PERFORM THE BIG GRAND FINALE TRICK.

He just looked at the few people that did give him money and said “I’m sorry about this”
I couldn’t believe it! After everybody waited through all of his not so great tricks to get to the part where he balances a tray full of glasses filled with blue water on his chin at the end of a tennis racket he instead takes his bucket and goes back to his chair I guess to wait for the next crowd to gather.
I mean what happened to Hey That’s Show Biz or The Show Must Go On?

Apparently before this guy decided to become a street performer he crunched the numbers and decided he needed a certain amount of money for each grand finale trick in order to feed and clothe his family.
Below is a spectators metal picture of what it might have looked like if the street performer would have performed the grand finale trick of balancing a tray full of glasses filled with blue water on his chin at the end of a tennis racket instead of committing the ultimate street performer sin by not following through with your big trick due to lack of funds
I feel better looking at this that my dollar was not spent in vain


unca said...

So he didn't even give you your money back, right? Maybe he NEVER does the trick and this is his standard routine. Not a bad gig provided you don't have a lot of repeat onlookers.

blogball said...

Unca, I think the people that paid probably felt like I did. As we walked away we all tried to convince ourselves that the crumby little tricks he performed in the first part of the act was worth the dollar.

And I did think of that exact same thing concerning maybe this is what he does each time and he has never actually done the big grand finally trick and the glasses on the tray are just for show.

That would be a tough racket to balance though.
(Pun intended) “Sorry”

si said...

you shoulda got a refund! and i think unca's right -- he probably never performs the grand finale. i'd say, "what a racket!" (you already stole my pun, sorta...)

Dx said...

Bring in the lawyers for breach of contract, demand compensation from the Santa Monica Tourist Authority, go back and smash all his glasses with blue water. Next time, throw in 2c and say it's a deposit - balance to be paid on performance of the big finale.

bryan torre said...

that's bizarre. never heard of such a thing...