Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to steal newspapers because you think you look fat in a photo.
At first glance the photo below looks like several attractive girls having fun at a sporting event. It wasn’t until after I read the story that I started examining the girls (third from left) photo trying to “figure” out what part of her body she could possibly be insecure about. Just what she was afraid might happen.
I guess you could say the cover up was worse than the crime.

Jennifer Carsillo, 18, (third from left) said she and a friend grabbed 130 copies of The Gatepost paper because they were embarrassed about this photo, shot at a lacrosse game.
By Associated PressFRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- "I just kind of got caught up in the moment and grabbed a whole bunch of copies," Jennifer Carsillo, 18, tells the Boston Globe. She and a friend hid the papers in their dorm rooms, according to the paper. "We didn't think it was a big deal," she says.
They apparently felt the photo made them look fat, the paper's faculty adviser said.The photo in the April 27 edition of The Gatepost at Framingham State College shows seven fans at a women's lacrosse game with ``I (heart) N-O-O-N-A-N,'' the name of a friend on the team, spelled out on their stomachs. They are wearing hip-hugger shorts and abbreviated tank tops.Campus police won't pursue criminal charges, but two students face possible disciplinary action, college spokesman Peter Chisholm said.English professor
Desmond McCarthy, the faculty adviser, said he was told by other students the women who took the papers thought they looked fat.``This is the most stupid reason the paper has been stolen,'' said McCarthy, adding that editions of The Gatepost have been stolen four times in the past 15 years.


unca said...

Well, I blew up the image and found a significant imperfection in her belly button. Disgusting.

blogball said...

Not to mention the small mole under her right earlobe.

How does this disfigured, fat, mole ridden person have the nerve to show herself in public?

The Engers said...

hahahaha. you guys are hilarious. but seriously, this is crazy, and pretty sad, I think.

bryan torre said...

weird thing is, 3rd-from-the-left is probably the best-looking one in the group...