Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Just Had an Idea

The information below is from the website of a company called Celestis http://www.memorialspaceflights.com/default.asp
(This is the company that just launched Scotty from Star Trek into space)

The company charges $495.00 to put 1 gram of your loved ones ashes into a little capsule and then launch it into space for a couple of minutes and then it floats back to earth and then returned to the family for a keepsake.

Earth-Return Service

  • Our Earth-Return service affordably launches a symbolic portion of cremated remains to space, and after experiencing the zero gravity environment, returns the individual flight capsules and modules back to Earth
  • After a successful flight, the Earth-Return payload, including flown flight capsules and modules, is recovered, validated as having reached space, and the capsule or module is returned to the family or loved one as a keepsake
  • Standard Price $495
  • In the event that the Celestis Earth Orbit Service spacecraft does not achieve orbit, we will — at no additional cost — place a second sample of the cremated remains aboard our next scheduled mission.

Here’s My Idea
So I was thinking about all the people who love baseball and came up with this idea.

I will call this service Final Inning®

  • Family can select their deceased loved ones favorite baseball Picher and batter to participate.
  • A sports drink (of your choice) and 1 gram of ashes of your loved one will be injected into the center of a major League baseball.
  • The pitcher will pitch to the batter for a maximum of 1 hour to achieve a flight of 385 ft. or a homerun which ever comes first.
  • If this distance or a homerun is not achieved after 1 hour the pitcher will throw the baseball as far as he can to try and duplicate a 385 ft. flight.
  • The keepsake ball will be signed by both players for added sentimental value.
  • Baseball will be placed against an official Final Inning plaque suited for hanging or placing on a shelf or mantle.
  • Cost of Final Inning services will be based on the two ball players present salary prorated
    (1 hour)
  • Average cost is between $5,000.00 & $75,000.00


unca said...

Hey, not bad! I think the batter should have the option of injecting his favorite steroid into the baseball too.

si said...

unca's comment is perfect for making sure the flight pattern will be achieved. (unless you're barry bonds and will need to ingest directly [and then blame others]...)

bryan torre said...

i'm in.