Monday, March 26, 2007

What would the baby bear choose?

Kill baby polar bear, animal activists say
By Stephanie Kennedy
Animal rights campaigners in Germany have called on Berlin's Zoo to kill a baby polar bear that has been rejected by its mother rather than have it raised by humans.
The three-month-old polar bear cub has captured the hearts of many Germans, baby Knut and his twin brother were born in December.
They were rejected by their mother and were left exposed to freezing temperatures.
After Knut's brother died, the zoo intervened to save the surviving cub.
Knut has been nurtured by a keeper who has slept by his side and bottle-fed him.
Now animal rights campaigners argue Knut should be put down to stop him becoming emotionally and physically reliant on humans.
That has sparked outrage in Germany and Berlin Zoo has vowed to continue hand-rearing the cub.

I was just thinking if the situation was reversed and I was abandoned by my mother and had a choice to either die or be raised by polar bears I would say “Heck what do I have to loose ?”


bryan torre said...

what morons

si said...

in answer to your pondering -- i'm sure if you were as cute as the cub, the polar bears MAY want to raise you! :)

heard this story earlier -- preposterous! it just gives more reason to not take some of the wacky thots of certain animal rights groups seriously.

blogball said...

si, for the record polar bears find me quite cute thank you very much.
A matter a fact both the male & females are both attracted to me.
I am what they would call *bi-polar.

*Sorry for another bipolar joke. The last one was used in reference to a magnet in a guys butt and this one is used in reference to polar bears. So artistic licensing is still valid under these circumstances.

si said...

glad i could be of help in continuing your groan-able comebacks! :/