Thursday, November 30, 2006

Word Verification

Is it just me or are these word verifications getting harder to read. (See samples below)
I’m thinking to myself now is that an N or an H is that a small q and what the heck is that etc. I know I have some problems with dyslexia and maybe this is the reason I’m having trouble. I was just wondering if anybody else has the same problem. It OK if you don’t… I can take it.

Anyway it did give me an idea for a new No Agenda Zone illustration


unca said...

Good one. And yes, it's not unusual for me to have type and re-type the word verification for the reasons you mentioned.

si said...

oh, i absolutely get the verifications right the first time, every time -- hah! you're definitely not alone on the "word verification" torture. it's like the "captors" are thinking "how can we make the letters as funky as possible so those clowns have to squint and guess and type over and over?"

tho the one i'm looking at right now doesn't look too bad; however, that doesn't mean it'll go thru right off. [update: i did it!]

anya ransuns aka Roxy said...

Me too. I think I have noticed, however, that if I "fail" the first one, I get a slightly easier one. Like they have a special stack of idiot ones for the slow people. Is that my imagination?

Anonymous said...

actually, roxy, it's a special list just for you. they asked me if CAT would be too hard, and i said it would be okay if they only used it once in a while, and stuck mostly to HE, IT, AS, etc