Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Those Crazy Census Bureau People

It’s official: U.S. now at 300 million

Associated Press
Wednesday, October 18, 2006
WASHINGTON — America's official population passed the 300 million mark yesterday, fueled by a growing number of immigrants and their children. There were no fireworks or presidential proclamations. Census Bureau employees had cake and punch.

OK I don’t have the most exciting job in the world either but the way this article was worded kind of cracked me up. I mean can you imagine working for the Census Bureau
and you come home every day for 30 years and your spouse asks “did anything exciting happen at work today honey?” Then finally the day comes when the population reaches 300,000,000. I pictured the conversation going something like : “Yyou better believe it baby can’t you tell by the punch & cake stains all over me?” ”Man oh man what a crazy day!” “I can’t wait till 2043 when we hit 400,000,000”

This prompted another No Agenda Zone illustration showing the Census Bureau when this country hit 300,000,001

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