Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thanks a lot Krazy George

The Wave Celebrates 25 years

Oakland, Calif. (AP) Krazy George, now 62, says he spent three years perfecting the Wave. He first pulled off the move — in which fans take turns, by section, standing up and waving their arms — on Oct. 15, 1981, at the Yankees-A's AL championship series game in the Coliseum. Washington, meanwhile, did it two weeks later, on Oct. 31.

I hate to sound like a party pooper but I think the wave is kind of a distraction when you are at a game. Of course if you don’t stand up with everybody else you are considered a stick in the mud. I also was wondering why it would take someone 3 years to perfect this thing.

Krazy George: “OK everybody NOW!! NO,NO,NO, NO, way too early lets try it again. NO, NO, NO way too late. OK everybody that’s all for today. I want everybody here bright and early tomorrow"


unca said...

I think the only way it would have taken him three years is if it was funded by some kind of a federal grant. One day to get it right and the rest of the three years to file the progress reports and financial statements.

si said...

agree w/the wave as a distraction to the game. (didn't know about its origination with the A's until i heard the 25-year "anniversary" story -- have followed the A's off and on, was aware of krazy george, and never knew that he started it.)

and as a recipient of grants where i work, i like unca's response -- that's probably the exact reason!

jay are said...

you crack me up.