Friday, May 06, 2005

This is a Conspiracy

There have been times I will be in a conversation with someone that seems normal in every way and then the conversation will turn to some historical event or someone famous. Then this happens: The person says something like you know what REALLY happened don’t you? I am now talking to someone completely different from the person I started the conversation with. At this point I am hoping my cell phone will ring. Then I can excuse myself so I don’t have to nod my head and say stuff like well “yea that’s an interesting theory”. Or “yea I heard a lot of people believe that”. These people are really convinced about stuff like:

·The government is hiding the fact that there was a past civilization on mars.
·We never really landed on the moon it was all a Hollywood set
·Lady Di’s accident was all a set up and she was murdered.
·Space Shuttle was shot down by a laser

I have compiled a list of reasons why people might believe in unlikely conspiracies
I guess you might call this my conspiracy theory about conspiracy theorist

1.They were born with conspiracy DNA and can’t help it
2.They can’t face the fact that normal things happen to famous people.
3.They don’t believe in a higher source so they tend to believe in anything
4.Their parents constantly lied to them so now they don’t trust any form
of authority.
5.They were kicked in the head by a unicorn
6.The government has lied to us in the past so now everything the government
does is some kind of vicious plot against them.
8.All of the above
9.Everything they are saying is true and I am the most naive person in the world.


mamacita said...

Very interesting Blogball, but did you know that even as you are writing your "post", it is being recorded by THEM (the enemy, that is) and that by combining and analyzing all of the posts written by us innocent Americans, THEY will be able to infiltrate every single (yes, every single) part of our lives and eventually do damage to institutions like Wal-mart, or even say, Krispy Kremes.
So I just want to warn you about that and i don't think I'm being a paranoic or a pyromaniac or anything either. Thanks for writing.

unca said...

Yes. I think what's most interesting is the point you make about all of a sudden you're talking to a different person. Many of these people are perfectly logical and sensible in every other respect but they seem to have this one obsession. And they don't seem tp have any doubt about these things. I don't know what the motivation is but I think that some of it has to do with what's the most interesting thing to believe. It's certainly more interesting to believe that aliens landed in New Mexico than it is more mundane explanations. And, as you say, it's really hard to counter the arguments since they're so far out. Weird.

blogball said...

Mamacita, Keep this betwwen you and me:ajshdkhashdasdhhkdhahdkjdk. Kclakjfweoiwurwf. Opqwuoiuqoi wp.hdhjs equu. OK?

Unca, “what is the most interesting thing to believe" is probably the most obvious answer and should have been on my list.